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The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us, this time for real! A contagion is spreading throughout the country. Little tiny worms eat their way into peoples brains, putrefying and completely numbing their mind.

Fight against these mindless zombie hordes and other grotesque creatures in this classic Doom style first person shooter. Fight your way through several different levels to reach the great zombie boss, and end his evil plot to carry out the zombie apocalypse.

To find the way out of each level, you must follow the paths. Some paths are longer, some paths are shorter but more dangerous, you decide the best strategy. You rack up kill points along the way, but the longer you stay in a given level the more likely you are to be overwhelmed by the hordes of mindless followers of the Great Zombie Leader. It is a balance between getting more kill points and being able to escape with your life, so you can continue the fight as you slowly advance on the Great Zombie Leader.

Oh, and one more thing, never, ever, ever go into the water...


WASD keys to move around

1-10 weapons selection(but will only bring up weapons you have in your inventory)

"P" key to pause

"ESC" key to bring cursor back during gameplay

"Enter" to exit to main menu during gameplay

LMB to fire

RMB to look through gun sights to aim

"C" to crouch

Spacebar to jump

Standard First Person Shooter controls basically



What makes this game stand out from all other zombie/horror shooters?

Because these zombies are DONALD TRUMP zombies.

More seriously, I decided to design the style of play to be roughly similar to the early DOOM games, which were a lot of fun to play. I have designed a logical progression of the game and a sense of accomplishment for fighting your way thorough different levels. I also have an end goal that is challenging.

There are also other monsters to fight besides just Donald Trump zombies, to spice things up a little.


If you want to go into this with a bit more more of a challenge and mystery, stop here. If you want to know more about what you are getting yourself into if you purchase this game, read on...

Here area some more detailed descriptions of the levels:

Level one is set in a dead and decaying forest at midnight. There is a thin layer of ground fog that makes visibility challenging at times. You kill a few Donald Trump zombies right off the bat, but then the tension gradually builds the closer you get to the exit and the longer you stay in this level. There are paths you must follow, it is a little like a maze in there are several different paths, they all will eventually lead to the exit but it is easy to get lost and go on an unintended detour.

Here is a list of nasties that will kill you if you don't kill them first:

-seven different kinds of zombies, of course. These are in all the levels.

-A very mean dog like creature

-A creature that is roughly modeled on the Skunk Ape of the Southeast U.S. The skunk ape is a nasty looking Cryptid Giant Apelike creature with glowing eyes, who will ambush you if you are not careful

-A giant spider like creature made of dead twigs

-Skeletons that rise from strategically placed graveyards and will laugh and taunt you(and try to kill you) until you get rid of them.

-Bats, yes I have creatures that fly in this game too

-If you go off of the designated paths into the woods, there are additional threats. First, there are a couple large semi invisible monsters that move really fast (think of the movie Predator and the cloaking device it used). There are also large bats that are hellbent on killing you. I even plan on putting in trees that will come to life and kill you, still working on the models for those. In any case, the game is designed to kill you if you think you can make a short cut through the woods.


Level two is set in a swamp similar to what you would see on the southeast fringe of parts of the U.S. or northern South America. There are Cypress, Kapok and other jungle or swamp type trees, all custom made in a program I use called Speed Tree, which is an industry standard and was also used to make the vegetation in the movie Avatar. The scene is dark with a layer of ground fog giving it more mood and atmosphere.

There are a number of grass covered islands, more like islets like you would see in a swamp in this level. You must island hop by crossing the bridges and finding the next one. If you decide to take a short cut through the water you will be instantly eaten alive by native aquatic fauna like zombie piranhas.

Creatures in this level besides the zombies include but are not limited to:

-A swamp monster, of course. This is a swamp after all. I modeled this one after a cryptid form the Louisiana Bayou called the Honey Island Swamp monster, and it is pretty nasty and aggressive, think creature from the black lagoon.

- A black panther type cat, but meaner and nastier than a real one of course, to give it that evil super-naturalness about it.
-As mentioned before, zombie piranhas that will eat you alive if you enter the water.

-Also working on a couple of others, but they are not finished yet.

There is also a surprise at the end of the level, and a shortcut to escape this level, but you have to find it of course.


The final level is a cave maze, complete with skulls impressed in the wall all over the place. So far I have bats and a lava monster that will ambush you if you make a wrong turn.

In the trailer I only showed the last part where the player was approaching the Donald Trump zombie rally, but there are plenty of places to take a wrong turn.
The main chamber is surrounded by a moat of molten lava. There are bridges you have to cross to get there, and one misstep and you fall into the lava and burn up instantly.
This is the boss battle, where the giant Trump character will throw fireballs at you and order his zombie minions to attack you all at once. If he kills you he says "your fired!". Yes it is meme-ish but how could anyone not think that is pretty funny?

One other feature that makes this game have varied play value is random ambushes. I write a program where the computer picks a random number, and if that random number is the same one that will trigger an ambush when you enter a certain area, and a bunch of monsters will spawn just out of sight and ambush you.

Basically it is like you are going along and you cross a certain "trigger" that you the player have cannot see or feel, and the computer rolls a dice and if the right number comes up, you get ambushed. Because of this no two times you go through a level will be exactly the same.

** you may be thinking random spawns and things like that should be in any game like this. The reason I mention it is that some bad horror/zombie shooters I have played do not have even this. Either they didn't know how to code for it, did not think of it, or were just too lazy to implement it. It is a lot of work and very tedious to place spawn positions all over the level like this.


How much will this game cost?


I think people who would like this kind of thing would probably be willing to pay the price of a latte at Starbucks for it, so I decided $3.00 is a good price point.

How long does this game take to play?

Probably at leas a few but more like several hours. Your mileage may vary depending on your skill at getting through the levels.

why should I pay 2.99 for this when I can get a latte at Starbucks instead?

Well, you can either spend that money for a half hour of latte sipping enjoyment and a mild caffeine buzz, or you can spend up to three hours getting totally amped killing Donald Trump zombies. And at the end, if you are good, you may even have the chance to off the Trumpster himself, or the zombie version of him anyway.

Is this game encouraging people to go out and shoot Donald Trump supporters?

No, and I take no responsibility if some idiot does. Most of them are so armed to the teeth you probably wouldn't get very far anyway. This game is a satire, nothing more.

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Published29 days ago
AuthorPI Games
TagsComedy, donald, first-person-shooter, FPS, Horror, political, satire, Shooter, trump, Zombies
Player countSingleplayer


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